Committed to:

1. Maintain a record of all formal meetings.
2. Monitor all correspondence.
3. Receive and record all District funds.
4. Sign and record all written orders from the District Representative.
5. Correspond with the Grand Keeper of Records and Seal.
6. Correspond with the Chapter Keepers of Records and Seal.
7. Monitor the list of new initiates which is forwarded from the Chapters
to the District Representative.
8. Maintain an accurate and current Third District directory.

Contact Information:
Cell: 678-575-3109

Fraternal Biographical Summary:
Initiated March 30, 2002, Phi Kappa Kappa Chapter. Fort Gillem/ Fort MacPherson, Ga.
Chartered Sigma Mu Mu Chapter, September 1, 2011

International Conclaves
Charlotte, NC-2002
St. Louis, MO-2004*
Little Rock, AR-2006*
Birmingham, AL- 2008*
Raleigh, NC- 2010
Washington, DC-2011*
Minneapolis, MN-2012*
*Chapter Delegate

Leadership Conferences
Mobile, AL-2003
Decatur, GA- 2005
Philadelphia, PA- 2007
Las Vegas, NV- 2009
Kansas City, MO- 2013

District Level
Appointed District Retention Chairman, August 2014
Appointed Asst. Area Supervisor NAII, November 2013
Attended/Delegate to the Third District Meeting, 2010-2014
Hosted Fall council meeting, 2012

Chapter Level
Charter Basileus, Sigma Mu Mu, 2011-2014
Omega Man of the year, Sigma Mu Mu, 2013
Scholarship Chairman, Phi Kappa Kappa, 2002-2009
Chaplain, Phi Kappa Kappa, 2002-2004 (hosted state meeting in 2003)

Fraternal Experiences:
2013 3rd District Social Action Large Chapter of the Year
2012 International Small chapter of the year
2012 3rd District Small Chapter of the Year
2012 3rd District Social Action Small Chapter of the Year
2011 3rd District Reclamation Chapter-2nd Place

Bachelors- Organizational Leadership
Masters- Education Leadership
Educational Doctorate Candidate (2017)- Curriculum and Instruction

Fraternal Honors and Awards:
Omega Man of the Year, Sigma Mu Mu, 2013
Superior Service Award, Phi Kappa Kappa, 2003, 2005